Favorite Things about Filius Flitwick

Published October 20, 2013 by A. Featherquill

Professor Filius Flitwick celebrated his birthday last Thursday, October 17. I may not have much time to write an in-depth analysis, but I will not let his birth month pass without writing even a short and simple article about him.

So here is a list of my five favorite things about the Charms professor:

1. He is the Head of Ravenclaw House! If you have read my about page, you probably know that I am a Ravenclaw. Even for this reason alone, I can say that I am fond of Prof. Flitwick.

2. He is a very caring teacher! When Death Eaters invaded Hogwarts in The Half Blood Prince, he did his best to protect his students. A few moments after recovering from his getting knocked out, he immediately returned to the side of his students. In The Deathly Hallows, he returned to teach at Hogwarts in order to safeguard his students from the Carrows.

3. He may be small due to his being part-goblin, but Professor Flitwick is great wizard. He was a model student during his learning days at Hogwarts. He was a duelling champion. He would use his talent in Charms to decorate Hogwarts during holidays and to set up protective measures in times of need.

4. He has been described as unperturbed by the inspections of Umbridge. It seems that he has managed to go on with his class the usual way and has not allowed his disdain of Umbridge to get in the way of quality teaching.

5. He defeated Antonin Dolohov in battle. Dolohov killed Remus Lupin, one of my most favorite characters. In a way, Flitwick, by defeating Dolohov, avenged Lupin’s death.

There you go! I hope you got entertained by this short post.

What about you? Do you have anything to say about Prof. Flitwick?

Stay Magical,
A. Featherquill


5 comments on “Favorite Things about Filius Flitwick

    • I wish I had time to write a longer article. It’s nice to talk about some overlooked characters, too. It’s really great to discuss the major characters because there are many things we can say about them. But trying to write something about minor ones is also a different joy. I saw your conversation with blogger oscarwallow. I agree that Regulus is a character we can explore some more.

      • Totally! Some of the minor characters in HP, like Regulus, Flitwick, Luna, the other professors (and many more) would be so much fun to hear more about. They have important rolls to play even though they are more minor characters. šŸ™‚


  • Professor Flitwick has that Dumbledore-like quality of being able to be polite even to the most despicable of people. I’m reminded of how, during Fred and George’s fireworks incident in Order of the Phoenix, he happily informed Umbridge that he could easily have dealt with the sparklers himself, but he “wasn’t sure he had the authority.” And then shut the door in her face. Brilliant. McGonagall deals with such individuals by being cold and to the point, Snape by being deadpan and sarcastic, and Flitwick by being friendly but damning. I really like that. Good example of the Ravenclaw wit.

    • Yes. Flitwick gets my attention because of those moments. Thanks for mentioning that scene. Another great moment for Flitwick. He was able to express his annoyance in front of Umbridge, but, since he still looks happy, it somehow prevents (or, at least, delays) the other person from reacting violently. But, before Umbridge can answer back, he leaves. Brilliant indeed. I think Flitwick’s style is cool!

      Also, it’s a nice connection you made between Flitwick and Dumbledore. I realized that, besides achievements, the two have other things in common.

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