A. Featherquill is a member of the Ravenclaw house. Like most of the Ravenclaws, she likes all of her classes. But, of all her subjects, she enjoys best Potions, for the challenge it brings, and Divination, because of its mystery. She also likes Defense Against the Dark Arts, especially when Professor Lupin, her favorite teacher, was still teaching it. Lately, she has been intrigued by Alchemy and plans to take it as an elective on her sixth year.

When she’s not in the Hogwarts library or in the Ravenclaw common room, she is most likely inside the Room of Requirement which transforms for her into a Muggle house  with a cozy bedroom and their version of a library. In this house, she also finds a computer which she uses to post on this blog.

While all of the things you’ve read about her are only in her head, as Dumbledore says, it does not mean that they aren’t real.


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