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New Directions

Published October 31, 2013 by A. Featherquill
Early this week, I learned from Pottermore News and Hypable, that the Hogwarts Express has arrived at Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This development contributes in bringing the Potter experience closer to reality, and becomes a proof of the persistence of imagination to make fantasies real.

In the series, the Hogwarts Express brings Harry to a world of magic, a world where he can explore life, a world where he can grow, a world where things imagined are real – a far cry from his dull life with the Dursleys who lock him up inside their house.

Like Harry, guests will now be able to ride aboard a tangible Hogwarts Express, which will bring them to and from Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. They will experience  sitting inside the train where the trio and various other characters met and became friends, or, in some cases, enemies. As they allow themselves to be transported to the fulfillment of their fantasies, they will probably make new acquaintances themselves. Some, in their desire to test reality, may even attempt to cast a spell. However, like Ron, it may fail. Then again, they will soon arrive at their dream destination, so their failure to cast a spell will soon not matter. Even when the whole trip is over, there is a high possibility that their lives will never be the same again. The actualization of a dream is an enchantment too powerful that no memory charm can erase the experience.

Ahem, ahem… I may have romanticized the matter too much. Forgive me for that, but I have just imagined myself sitting aboard the Hogwarts Express.

While the arrival of the train may not be very hypnotic for all, I still see it as a meaningful event. The Hogwarts Express can mean a leveling up to another stage of our fandom. Trains, after all, have symbolized journeys. 

In the same way, my blog is entering a new stage.Two months ago, I have started this blog. It has been a great journey so far. I have learned a lot both from writing my posts and reading other people’s blogs. Most especially, I am very happy to have gained new friends who share my interests. Special thanks to Judith, the first ever to comment, Claudia, the first ever to request a topic, and Aspenlinmer and River Taylor, who both regularly read my posts and whose blogs I enjoy very much.

At this point, I think it is about time to level up my blog.

First, I will put some regularity to my posting schedule. Starting November, I will have a theme for the month. The theme will be set by the article which I will post on the first week of the month. In the third week, I will feature whatever I find on the web that I think is a good example or take on the month’s theme. If I have time, I may still post on the second and fourth week, but I will not put restrictions or labels yet.I will implement this strategy for a good length of time to test if it works well. Of course, friends and readers, your comments and suggestions will be taken into account.

Second, I want to promote my social networking sites. My twitter has been active for quite some time. My username is @a_featherquill. I also have a google+ account, and, just today, I have created a facebook page. My name for both google+ and facebook is Anya Featherquill. You can add me in those sites, if you like 🙂

That is all for now. On November 2, I will publish my first post for November.

Stay magical,
A. Featherquill

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